Savory Crepe Menu

We make our Savory Crepes with all freshest and all organic Ingerdients
  • Euro Crepe Special :

    • $ 7.95

    Cheese, Ham, crispy Bacon, fresh Mushrooms Green Peppers, Tomato and our secret homemade sauce. 


  • Pesto Crepe:

    • $ 7.95

    Cheese, Salami, fresh Tomato Green Onions, Pesto sauce and fresh Avocadoes.


  • Veggie Crepe:

    • $ 7.95

    Cheese, Tomato, Spinach, Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Potato chips, topped with our secret homemade Chef sauce.


  • Greek Crepe:

    • $ 7.95

    Imported Feta Cheese, Tomato, Baby Spinach, Onions, Potato chips and Seasoned Greek Dressing.


  • Cajun Crepe:

    • $ 7.95

    Cheese, Grilled Chicken, Arugula, Potato chips and spicy Cajun Mayo.


  • Margarita Crepe:

    • $ 7.95

    Fresh Mozzarella cheese, fresh Tomato, topped with fresh cut Basil.



  • Hotdog Crepe:

    • $ 7.95

    Hotdog sausage, Cheese, Onion, fresh Tomato, Ketchup, Potato chips and Delicatessen style Mustard.


  • Classic Crepe

    • $ 7.95

    Cheese, Ham, crispy Bacon, Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Potato chips with our secret homemade sauce.


  • Make your Own Savory Crepe:

    • Three Ingredients $ 7.95
    • Add More Ingredients $ .75

    Choose three Fillings / toppings at no extra charge. Choose more at $.75 each topping After three toppings.

    Cheese    Feta Cheese     Ham     Salami     Bacon      Chicken     Hotdog      Ketchup      Deli Mustard     Mushroom     Onion      Green Peppers      Tomatoes      Avocadoes       Homemade House Sauce      Pesto Sauce      Chef Sauce      Greek Dressing      Spicy Cajun Mayo